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Welcome to Eagles Lacrosse Spring 2024

We are excited for the upcoming season. See below for information and let us know if there are any questions. We are excited to be adding a new program for Pre-K/Kinder/Primer and a new Team Store.


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Spring 2024 Season

Practice will begin January 27th, 2024. The first few weeks of the season will include a Saturday and Sunday practice. Once games begin, there will be a combination of practice and game each weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, we are working to secure a location to have a midweek optional skills practice for players to get extra time as available. More details will be shared when they are available.

Year-end tournaments are typically the last weekend of April.

Exact dates being finalized. 

Pockets Program *new for Spring 2024:

  • Pre-K/Kinder/Primer
    • This is a coed program focused on skills development and fun!
    • This is a no equipment, no-contact in-house program with specific sticks and soft lacrosse balls.

Boys Teams:

  • Pre-K/Kinder/Primer
  • 1/2
  • 3/4
  • 5/6

Girls Teams:

  • Pre-K/Kinder/Primer
  • 1/2
  • 3/4
  • 5/6

Dates & Times TBD


As of Spring 2023, we have new uniforms for all of our Eagle players. Please wear your uniforms, reversible and shorts, for all practices and games.

If you are new to Eagles, you will be able to order the size of short and reversible that is right. You can also contact Athan Iannucci to try on sizes. In the registration, just make your best guess and email if you want to try them on. The cost of the uniforms is $50 for the full set of shorts and reversible.

If you are a returning Eagle and need a new pair of shorts, reversible, or both, you can indicate that in registration. The cost is $25 for the shorts and $25 for the reversible.


Please bring water bottles for practice and games. For boys and goalies, we recommend a water bottle that has a long straw, so they don’t have to take off equipment.


If any parents have playing experience and want to help coach, please let us know.

Team Shop

We are excited to launch our new SquadShop.  Get all your new season gear today. 

Sportsengine Communication

We will continue to use SportsEngine for all communication for Eagles Lacrosse. As in the past, each family will need to make sure you have all contacts listed using the "Guardians" feature. You can add as many people (parents, grandparents, nannies, etc) to your child(ren)'s profile, but Eagles Lacrosse is not able to. Here are the necessary steps, which are separate from registration:

1. Log in to your SportsEngine account. This is the person that manages the account.

2. Under “Household”, click on the player name.

3. On the right side, you will see “Guardians”. This will list the emails that are connected to the account and will receive communication through SportsEngine.

4. If not all emails are listed, the account manager will need to click the “+” and send an invitation to additional emails you want to receive communication.

5. Those emails will need to accept the invitation.

6. Repeat for additional players.


We ask that during games and practices, you remain in the stands and not on the track or field. We appreciate the enthusiasm and want to make sure the coaches have the kids full attention. The league also mandates that fans need to be on the opposite side of the field from the players and not on end lines for safety reasons.


Please reach out to: 

Eagles Lacrosse Program Director

Eagles Lacrosse Board Boys Director

Sandy Boyce P '34, '35

Eagles Lacrosse Board Girls Director

Dixon Merkt P '29, '31

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